Sunday, May 13, 2012

Using Aircrack-NG Suite (Airodump-NG)

Displaying Surrounding Access Points And Dumping Captured Packets
Airodump-ng is used for capturing raw raw 802.11 frames and also display/write details of all access points and clients in surrounding.
Note: Interfaces must be in Monitoring Mode

Decide on what you want [WEP / WPA / WPA2]
1) airodump-ng mon0    [Display All surrounding Access Points/Clients]

BSSID       - Access Point MAC Address
PWR         - Signal Strength (Smaller --> Stronger)
Beacons     - Beacon Rate
#Data       - Packets Transmitted
#/s         - Transmission Rate
CH          - Access Point Channel
MB          - Max Supported Speed
ENC         - Encryption Type
CIPHER      - Detected Cipher (WEP/TKIP/CCMP)
AUTH        - Authentication Type
ESSID       - Access Point Name

 Display WEP

1) airodump-ng mon0 --encrypt wep    [Display WEP Access Points/Clients]
 Display WPA/WPA2

1) airodump-ng mon0 --encrypt wpa    [Display WPA/WPA2 Access Points/Clients]
 Display WPA2

1) airodump-ng mon0 --encrypt wpa2    [Display WPA2 Access Points/Clients]


Hakuna matata said...

Sometimes it is difficult to manage airodump-ng output files. i mean once i generate those csv and xml files then after i start looking into it so for large amount of data i can't figure it out. so is there any tools or services available for analysis and visualization ? i have used this website and it is quite

good, here i have shared my sample data have a look and also share any other sources if anyone knows. -

Hakuna matata said...
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