Monday, March 2, 2015

SecureMail Application (VB.NET)

I have wrote my first VB.NET application on Secure Email. The purpose of this application is to send/receive secure email with free web email account such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. This application also hash the attachment file and check it against VirusTotal database for potential unwanted software or malware. 

The application will be using the built-in encryption services of VB.NET like SymmetricAlgorithm, HashAlgorithm, RSACryptoServiceProvider and SignHash for (Symmetric / Asymmetric encryption, digital signing email content and hashing of files). Different from other email application, this application actually encrypt all messages downloaded from inbox with Rijndael (AES 256) encryption. 

Sending of Email (Application Flow chart)
Sending of Email (Application Flow chart - More technical)

Receiving of Email (Application Flow chart)

Receiving of Email (Application Flow chart - More technical)

Below are some other screenshots of the application

Will be releasing my source code of SecureMail soon in dropbox for purpose of learning only. Stay tuned.

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Binary can be downloaded at (For Windows 7 or above with VB.NET Framework 4.5 

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